$34 Borescope

I wanted to be able to see down my rifle barrels to check for leading and other things but I couldn’t see spending hundreds of dollars on a good borescope.  What I found on Ebay is a cheap borescope  which displays directly to your USB connected computer. (link updated to search on “borescope”, I couldn’t keep the link current)


What you get for your $34 is free shipping from Hong Kong, the 20″ long scope with USB connector and light switch, a mini CD with the software, ruler and instructions.

The largest diameter of the scope is at the camera end and it measured out at just .29″. Since this is not a high quality item there may be some variation from sample to sample but I would think it would safely fit a 32 cal and larger.


I ran the scope down the barrel of my 1866 Uberti and was surprised by the condition of the barrel.

I then cleaned the bore with a cleaning brush onto which I wrapped some copper scrubbing pad material.  I put enough on so that it was a tight fit in the barrel and did some scrubbing.

Copper Wool on a brush

After the scrubbing I again took a look.

Here’s a shot of the borescope down the barrel and the view the operator has on his computer.

SuperEyes software

And lastly I’m pointing the scope at myself so that you can see the LED light which is used to illuminate the path.

SuperEyes software

All in all a very worthwhile investment of $34 I think.


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7 Responses to $34 Borescope

  1. Kenneth Mikols says:

    Would require a longer bore sight tube, Muzzleloaders are up to 48″ long, what is the max. lenght available

  2. Willy says:

    Siegler, Yes I am still using it. I updated the link in the post to point to a current Ebay sale. Now $38.

  3. Siegler says:

    Bill – Are you still using the same setup as when you wrote this post? I’m also in the market for a borescope but I’m not sure what’s available at the moment. I had a look at some review websites, but they’re focused on the higher price range items.

  4. Willy says:

    Mike, thanks. I just updated the post to include the diameter which is 0.29″ so it should fit a 32 cal and up.

  5. Mike Mastrianni says:

    Bill – Neat stuff. Wish that I had one of those when I was shooting benchrest. May still get one just to check what’s going on in my barrels. What are you cleaning with an what do you think is the smallest caliber that scope would work with?

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