And More Practice

UPDATE: 3/1/12

I wanted to get in a little time on my new trigger so I set up a target I downloaded from the Long Range BPCR website.  It is an 800 yard target scaled down for use at 100 yards.  I used it at 80 so I guess it was a little big but it was still pretty small at 5.5″ of black.  I didn’t bother to change the front sight insert but I know I would have benefited from that as the black was very small and left a lot of white between it and the round insert I was using.

I also wanted to shoot all my old bullets and test loads which is what I did.  I took 11 shots.  The flier to the far right was the fouling shot and the two fliers to the left I knew when I pulled the trigger that I yanked the rifle.  The rest seemed to hit in the same ragged group hole so I’m pretty happy with how both my trigger and I handled the test.  I shot sitting on a 8″ tall stool using my cross sticks and a blow tube between shots. Temp was 40.0 °F wind SSW 4.6mph and 47% humidity. I was shooting north.

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