Another Shoot, lots of fun.

Saturday I shot with the Danvers Desperado’s on Middleton, MA. which was about an hour and a half from my house.  The shooting began at 0900 and we completed six stages by noon.  The $15 entry fee included lunch was copious amounts of pizza and soda, or “tonic” and the locals like to call it.  The weather was threatening but there was no rain, just hot temps and high humidity which made it a bit uncomfortable while decked out in cowboy attire.  Stages were close and targets are large.  Because of the weather there were only 19 shooters but we had a good time.

I’m making fewer mistakes though I am quite slow.  The smoke was really hanging which made even these large targets difficult to see after a round or two.  The good news is that I was the only one shooting Frontier Cartridge Dualist so I think I’ll claim first place for my category 😉

So up to this time I shot with the Danvers Desperado’s, White Mountain Regulators of NHPemi Valley Peacemakers and the Country Pond Fish & Game Club.  Still on the to do list are the Harvard Ghost Riders, Beaver Creek Desperados, and two long range shooting clubs, Cowboy Rifle Silhouette Shooters and Cheshire County Fish and Game.

That rounds off the clubs which are 2 hours or less from my house.  There are quite a few more if I extend my radius to 3 hours which I may do when I retire.

The Northeast Cowboy Action Shooting website list all the club info for Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Mane, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont.



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