BPCR Range Box

I’m going to use this page to document my design and build of a BPCR Range Box.  It’s been a while coming but I just haven’t had the motivation to get started so today I planed down some 4/4 cherry to 2/2.  It is not all the wood I’ll need but it should be enough to get me started.

cherry boards

Here’s my initial thoughts on a design.  The box will be a two piece box, the bottom part about 24x10x14″ (dimensions subject to change) will have two compartments. The bottom compartment will have a hinged drop down door on the long side and will be lined with foam to house my scope. This should leave the top compartment about 8″ deep (again, still playing with dimensions) with an open top.  The top edge of the box will be rabbeted to accept a second, shallower box which will form the cover for the bottom compartment and be secured in place by 4 brass catches. This removable top box will have a hinged top cover and multiple compartments…designed for small items. The carrying handle will be affixed to this top box. Cradles for the rifle will be like those from most ranges boxes I’ve seen and attach to the larger bottom box at the ends.

I’ll continue to update this post as I make progress.


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  1. Willy says:

    So hears the thing, my wood shop has been totally taken over by my reloading and I haven’t done any woodworking in a while. Can’t promise when this will be finished….on the upside the cherry is getting naturally darker as it sits 😉

    • tmats says:

      Would be awesome to see what and how you reload as well! Just getting into BPCR with CPA Stevens 44 1/2.

      – fellow New Englander

  2. Chris says:

    Hope you are still making progress on this project. Would love to see how it turns out.

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