Coyote Cap 1887 12 ga

I’ve been wanting one since before I got into Cowboy Shooting and I was able to get new one from a local Vermont Pard.  It’s a Coyote Cap Special Edition from 2005, one of 200 made with a cast frame.

Winchester 1887

Winchester 1887


I fired about 6 smokeless STS shells in the back yard and it cycles fine as long as I’m firm with the lever.  I guess I won’t need those 2-1/2″ shells I loaded up this weekend.

UPDATE 6/21/12

I tried it with 2-3/4 and 2-1/2″ reloaded BP STS hulls and I think it cycles more reliably with the 2-1/2″.  No doubt a lot of it has to do with the fact that the LOP it too long for me to fully lever the shotgun without some serious concentration and shifting of the gun on my shoulder but the 2-1/2 seem to be a bit more forgiving.  I’m going to load up more 2-1/2″ and bring them to the shoot on Sunday.

I guess it’s time to learn how to cut down the stock and put a recoil pad on it.



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2 Responses to Coyote Cap 1887 12 ga

  1. Willy says:

    Thanks Mike,

    Went to a match in Newton today….was probably my best showing yet. Was clean until the 3rd from the last target 🙂 Oh well, the best part of the day was the the ’87 preformed flawlessly. There wasn’t a lot of shotgun targets at Newton, only 20 rounds for the six stages but the gun cycled flawlessly! After much playing around at home I determined that the ’87 would extract anything but I was having feed problems. I don’t think the crimp I get on the 2-1/2″ is good enough to be reliable and the fiber wads tend to distort the shell. I went back to my normal, good crimped 2-3/4 with plastic wads and it all went swimmingly today.

  2. Mike Mastrianni says:

    Bill – Glad you’re enjoying the shotgun. The lever throw is quite long,but having pretty long arms, I guess I never realized just how long it is. Glad that you worked up the 21/2″ loads.
    And good luck at the match this weekend. Even if you don’t win, you’ll rack up a ton of style points!

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