A couple of great shooting weekends

Over the last few weeks I participated in two shoots.  The first one being at Country Pond Fish and Game in Newton, NH and then yesterday I headed up to the Pemi Valley Peacemakers in Holderness, NH.  One-and-a-half and two-hour drives respectively.  I used my new 1887 shotgun and it performed flawlessly during both matches, I unfortunately didn’t. 🙂

At Country Pond I had one miss during the last piston in the last stage…that was a disappointment.  At Pemi during stage 4 I was looking to put my pistol in my holster before I fired off the last round and I missed….good lesson though as a Pard saw what I did wrong and explained it to me.

Was great shooting two matches 2 weeks apart, something I have not done until now.  Even with my busy work schedule I’m trying to get out more than I did last year.


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