Loading for Wild Bunch

This past summer I won in a drawing from the Vermont State shoot 1000 lead cast bullets from Moulton Lead (just closed their doors, sorry to see them go) and I’m going to use them for my 45acp Wild Bunch loads. Over the last couple of days I have reduced my load from 4.8 grains of 700x to somewhere closer to 4.6 grains (the minimum per Hogdon)in order to get a bit closer to the minimum power factor allowed by Wild Bunch rules. I did find a load of which I loaded 5 rounds yesterday and chrono’ed them and 5 rounds today and chrono’ed them. Both reloading sessions returned the exact same 5 shot average of 784fps which results in a power factor of 156. The minimum power factor allowed is 150 so because I loaded the test rounds on two different days, the first day at 55°f and the second at 42°f I feel confident that I’ve got a good, repeatable load which will be above the minimum if ever tested. The reason for the power factor is to set a minimum recoil so as to avoid the “powder puff” loads which may provide some advantage to shooters. The power factor is calculated as fps x bullet weight /1000 or in my case 784 x 200 / 1000 or 156.

Now all I have to do is go load about 900 rounds.


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