Lots of shooting

Jul 24-28

I’ve been attending every match I can this season including the states and regional.  I just attended The Great Nor’easter which was a three day shoot.  I camped on site and had a blast…even shot pretty good.

WagonBox-rifle WagonBox-pistol



















I stopped by the tent of Klassic Laser Works and had my grips laser engraved.  I had previously removed the slick, high gloss finish because I was having trouble maintaining control of my pistols when my hands got slippery from the between stage cleaning I have to do to keep the pistols from fouling.  I went there with the intent of getting them checkered but opted for an oak leaf pattern which provides just the right amount of grip.





Aug 9-11

I’m heading up to Vermont with my camper this weekend to shoot at the two day match with The Verdant Mountain Vigilantes.

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