Lyman 55 Black Powder Measure with Drop Tube

So I just bought a Lyman measure which didn’t include the drop tubes so I adapted my drop tube setup to it. Excuse the bulkiness of the setup but I had this homemade gun vise that I wasn’t using anymore and didn’t feel like uncovering the planer to thin out the wood so I just used it as is and modified it.

First pic is of the completed setup.

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As I said above, I used this gun vise modifying it only as necessary, so to stand it on end a bag of shot works great and makes it easy to store when I’m done with it.

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The drop tube itself is adjusted by the use of o-rings…which I need to replace because they’ve gotten loose (hence the tape)

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The setup is designed so that I can load a 50 round tray and the amount the tube enter’s the case is adjustable by moving those o-rings. So to load a case I just raise the tube, align the tray and let the tube settle back down on the o-rings.

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The measure itself is attached using the built in clamp and is offset from the funnel to slow down the powder drop. I’m also using the small Lyman powder funnel for 2 reasons. First it’s all I have and second I think it will help slow down the powder. I am looking for a large funnel so if anyone has one that they want to part with just PM me.

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I haven’t actually gotten any farther than adjusting the measure for my load but hopefully I’ll load 100 rounds this weekend if time permits.


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3 Responses to Lyman 55 Black Powder Measure with Drop Tube

  1. Willy says:

    I just loaded a tray of 50 45-70 and it went twice as fast with the new measure as it did with my old method. I’m happy!

  2. RICKY PRICE says:

    If it works for you ok. Great.

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