More target Practice and a Chronograph

UPDATE 2/3/12

Went out in the back yard this morning and shot off 10 rounds loaded with 70 gr by volume of KIK 2f, compressed .110, .025 card wad and a MBW 535gr Postell.  I threw out the bad readings.  Also, I wiped with a 50/50 mix of Dex-Cool antifreeze and water between every shot….I think I like that better than the blow tube.



Using a Beta Master Shooting Chrony I set it up about 10′ in front of my barrel and even though it was a grey sky I used the diffusers.  There were three shots which were obviously incorrectly recorded so I thew them out.  While the Beta Master Chrony will calculate standard Deviation, hi, low and average speeds if you get an error in your data there is no way to deletes the erroneous data so I had to copy the data to paper and do the calculation myself.

fps =  1123,1134,1121,1146,1116,1110,1133

std dev = 12.26687

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