Reloading Issues


I have my bullets on order from Montana Bullet Works.  I ordered Postell 535gr and Saeco 645’s in 480gr.  The Postell’s I got from Slim are just too large in the nose (diameter) to seat out although I have been seating them deeper getting about 1/8″ of etching by the lands, which is fine, but it results in difficult chambering at times to the point I will need a Camming Seating Tool to get those rounds chambered.

These bullets were seated to the first driving band and actually go in the chamber pretty easily as long as the rifle hasn’t been fired, but once it’s fired some are impossible to chamber without a cam.

Here you can see where the bullet meets the lands.  Some can be seated with minimal thumb pressure but others cant.

Here’s the compromise I came up with which gives me a COL of 2.700 with 70gr of KIK 2f compressed .333″.  Some bullets still need extra coaxing to chamber but I have about 200 of this batch still to shoot.

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