Shinny Brass

Here are a couple of pics to show you how much brass you can clean at one time in the dual tumbler, as well as how clean they come out.  The upper photo shows the two 3lb tumbler barrels each with a pound and a half of media.  I can clean sixty 45 colt cases in each barrel or as pictured below, seventy (35 each barrel) pieces of 45/70 brass.  Notice how both the insides and primer pockets are cleaned.  All this brass has been shot 2-3 times and all of it annealed before this last firing/cleaning.  This has been a great investment, $39 for the tumbler and $35 for the media.  While not an issue with the 45 Colt, with my vibratory tumbler I find that almost every 45/70 primer hole has a piece of media stuck in it so I was cleaning with the primers still in.  Now I can decap and get the entire case and pocket clean without worrying about the primer holes.


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