Shooting Sticks

Update 12/30/11:

Well, I need to order some bullets as the ones I bought are not the right size for my barrel.  So in my down time I figured I’d make some shooting sticks.  I grabbed a piece of walnut I had laying around and sliced it up into 2″ wide boards.  I cut the longer sticks for shooting while either sitting or the ground or on a stool.  I “guessed” that 40″ was the proper length, I know that is more than long enough for sitting on the ground and should be long enough for sitting on a stool, only time will tell.  The shorter ones are 21″ long and are for shooting prone.  I used contact cement to glue some leather inside the “V” to protect the barrel and added some large nails as spikes.  So far the spikes work very well but the ground is soft with the coming of spring.

I thought what I did for the nut was a good idea so let me show it to you.  I took a 2″ hole saw and cut a hole in the project scrap and used the “hole” to form a nut.  I drilled two 3/16 holes in the nut and banged in dowels and cut them off.

The dowels align with the slot and keep the nut from spinning so that only one hand is needed to loosen/tighten the knob for height adjustment.

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2 Responses to Shooting Sticks

  1. Willy says:

    Thanks, I did actually add the washer when I built them, just never updated the post.

  2. Richard says:

    professional Job, one comment I would add a large 2″ dia washer under knob

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