Shooting Sticks – part 2

Update 1/3/12:

I made a bench rest base for my prone shooting sticks.  the only modification to the sticks was a 1/4″ hole through the top of each stick about a 1-1/2″ from the end.  The sticks are then flipped 180° and inserted onto the pivot bolt in the rest base. A knob at each pivot point locks the assembly at the desired height.  I couldn’t see the for making an identical set of sticks just for this purpose.

Wire nuts are there to protect me accidental acupuncture caused by the pointy end of the spikes.

The size of the base is based solely on the dimensions of the one scrap board I used to make it.  If I were to do it over again I would line them with felt rather than leather and maybe make the end pieces 8 or 10″ long instead of the 5-3/4 that the material allowed.

By the way the credit for the basic design of these sticks comes from

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