I really need a steel target for the back yard so I can practice my CAS shooting with the intention of increasing my speed.  I use paper targets but I waste a bunch of time walking up to the targets to see how my accuracy is.  With the “clang” of the steel I’ll get immediate feedback that I hit the target just like at a CAS shoot.

I did some web research and settled on steel targets from because they seemed to give you more steel per dollar and it was AR500 armor plate for about the same price as others provided mild steel.

I opted for the 12×16″ plate though if I get more (I’m considering two more) I may go for the 9×12″ though I need to shoot this for a while.  I figure I can paint a smaller target on the larger plate while I cant do the opposite with the smaller.

The quality of the produce is fine and the stand and hanger come already painted.  The target plate is raw as I guess that they assume you’ll want to paint it the color of your choice.

The target stand is designed to hold a standard 2×4 and has two thumbscrews on the rear side to tighten it in place.  It measures 18×20″ and has holes in all for corners for stakes.  The legs are offset providing longer legs in the back to aid in stability.

The target hanger is a chunk of square tube with a hole drilled through it into which you insert a carriage bolt and spring.  This allows the target to pivot when it and send the lead down towards the ground.Target Hanger

The assembled target is sturdy and should provide for a lot of fun.  I cant wait to try it out.

Shoot Steel Target

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