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The Wild Bunch

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I decided to expand my Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) by competing in what is called “Wild Bunch” shooting.  Just like Cowboy Action Shooting, Wild Bunch is a fantasy competition where folks compete within the theme of the “Wild Bunch”. The … Continue reading

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Last Matches of the season

October 27th and November 10th were the last two matches of the year for me.  They were held at the Sig Saur range at Epping (White Mountain Regulators of NH) and Harvard Sportsman’s Club (Harvard Ghost Riders).  While as usual … Continue reading

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Big Lube J/P-200 casting

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I finally decided to get into casting full-bore so I picked up a Big Lube mold for the 200 grain J/P 45-200.  The web site lists the new version, a 210 grain version but I received the original 200 grain … Continue reading

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Another Shoot, lots of fun.

Saturday I shot with the Danvers Desperado’s on Middleton, MA. which was about an hour and a half from my house.  The shooting began at 0900 and we completed six stages by noon.  The $15 entry fee included lunch was … Continue reading

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Reinforcing the Uberti Winchester 1866 loading gate

If you have a Uberti 1966 yellow boy there is a good chance that sooner or later you will break off the tab on the OEM loading gate.  In anticipation of that happening to me I ordered a replacement gate … Continue reading

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I really need a steel target for the back yard so I can practice my CAS shooting with the intention of increasing my speed.  I use paper targets but I waste a bunch of time walking up to the targets … Continue reading

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A couple of great shooting weekends

Over the last few weeks I participated in two shoots.  The first one being at Country Pond Fish and Game in Newton, NH and then yesterday I headed up to the Pemi Valley Peacemakers in Holderness, NH.  One-and-a-half and two-hour … Continue reading

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Coyote Cap 1887 12 ga

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I’ve been wanting one since before I got into Cowboy Shooting and I was able to get new one from a local Vermont Pard.  It’s a Coyote Cap Special Edition from 2005, one of 200 made with a cast frame. … Continue reading

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Loading 2-1/2″ Black Powder Shotshells on a Mec 600jr

I’m getting a Coyote Cap IAC Winchester 1887 lever action shotgun and it requires the use of 2-1/2″ shells so I started loading up some.  The first thing I needed to do was to trim down some of my 2-3/4″ … Continue reading

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Machined ’66 Carrier

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As I mentioned in a previous post, my 1866 jammed a bit from fouling at the last match.  Because of that I decided to have my carrier worked on to reduce both friction (contact area) and weight. I mailed off … Continue reading

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