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200-300 Yard Long Range Shoot

Had fun this past Saturday shooting at the Major Waldron Sportsman’s Association hosted by my cowboy pard Dead Head. Course of fire was 10 rounds on 200yd with sticks, 10 rounds on 200 yards off hand, and then 20 rounds on … Continue reading

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It’s been a while since i posted

I’ve been busy with work and I’m on a plane as I type this on my phone trying to get home in time to head to Vermont to participate in the Green Mountain Mayhem.  I have been shooting my rifle … Continue reading

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Some shootin’ with veggie wads

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So I set up my 80yard target in my back yard and proceeded to shoot a bit using the rounds I had loaded up with the new veggie wads. My group seemed to be pretty tight for my sitting position … Continue reading

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Veggie Wads

So far I had been using some card wads I bought from Track of the Wolf but I’ve been reading that veggie wads come off the bullet quicker allowing for the bullet to stabilize more quickly.  Some folks don’t report … Continue reading

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Weighing my bullets

I  cast a few more bullets today and sorted them into 1-1.5 grain groups.  I tossed about 7 outliers back into the pot.  I ended up with three distinct groups, 535gr being the most prominent and the weight these bullets … Continue reading

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Shooting my own cast bullets

I got a chance to shoot some of my own cast bullets at 80 yards.  There were some of the first ones I cast and I have not weighed them.  My shooting position was sitting on a stool using my … Continue reading

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Shooting mat and pad

I haven’t thought much about shooting this week as I was on a business trip but I did come home to my MidwayUSA shooting mat and my PAST shoulder pad. The foam in each is 1/2″ and feels like the … Continue reading

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