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Big Lube J/P-200 casting

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I finally decided to get into casting full-bore so I picked up a Big Lube mold for the 200 grain J/P 45-200.  The web site lists the new version, a 210 grain version but I received the original 200 grain … Continue reading

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Another Shoot, lots of fun.

Saturday I shot with the Danvers Desperado’s on Middleton, MA. which was about an hour and a half from my house.  The shooting began at 0900 and we completed six stages by noon.  The $15 entry fee included lunch was … Continue reading

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Reinforcing the Uberti Winchester 1866 loading gate

If you have a Uberti 1966 yellow boy there is a good chance that sooner or later you will break off the tab on the OEM loading gate.  In anticipation of that happening to me I ordered a replacement gate … Continue reading

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I really need a steel target for the back yard so I can practice my CAS shooting with the intention of increasing my speed.  I use paper targets but I waste a bunch of time walking up to the targets … Continue reading

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A couple of great shooting weekends

Over the last few weeks I participated in two shoots.  The first one being at Country Pond Fish and Game in Newton, NH and then yesterday I headed up to the Pemi Valley Peacemakers in Holderness, NH.  One-and-a-half and two-hour … Continue reading

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Coyote Cap 1887 12 ga

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I’ve been wanting one since before I got into Cowboy Shooting and I was able to get new one from a local Vermont Pard.  It’s a Coyote Cap Special Edition from 2005, one of 200 made with a cast frame. … Continue reading

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Loading 2-1/2″ Black Powder Shotshells on a Mec 600jr

I’m getting a Coyote Cap IAC Winchester 1887 lever action shotgun and it requires the use of 2-1/2″ shells so I started loading up some.  The first thing I needed to do was to trim down some of my 2-3/4″ … Continue reading

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Some shootin’ with veggie wads

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So I set up my 80yard target in my back yard and proceeded to shoot a bit using the rounds I had loaded up with the new veggie wads. My group seemed to be pretty tight for my sitting position … Continue reading

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$34 Borescope

I wanted to be able to see down my rifle barrels to check for leading and other things but I couldn’t see spending hundreds of dollars on a good borescope.  What I found on Ebay is a cheap borescope  which … Continue reading

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Veggie Wads

So far I had been using some card wads I bought from Track of the Wolf but I’ve been reading that veggie wads come off the bullet quicker allowing for the bullet to stabilize more quickly.  Some folks don’t report … Continue reading

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